THAT Point In The Novel…

I did this as a peptalk for Camp NaNoWriMo, in July 2014. I thought it might be nice to put it up, so others can see it as well.


Hey all! I thought I would go and try and write one of those wonderful pep talks that inspires, invigorates and encourages. Just to help you get to the finish point. Or much, much further if you have.

Now… lets see how much I suck at this? ;@)

I remember reading during the November NaNo last year a pep talk from Neil Gaiman. It is in the archive. It was talking about despair and despairation, because he had hit a point in his novel where he felt that it was pointless to continue. It was the daftest prose ever, the characters were stupid, the plot was childish… And he phoned up his agent, and explained to her why there would be no novel, detailing what I’ve just said. She was quite amused. “Oh… so you’re at THAT point in the novel!” she exclaimed happily. When he asked her what she had meant, She told him that whenever he was at a particular point in the story, he would ring her up, and say what he had just told her.

Every. Single. Time.

But then he discovered that all her other clients did the same. Every. Single. Time. Feeling embarrassed, he got off the phone, and kept at it. I thought this a funny little story, one that couldn’t ever relate to me at all.

Then I hit THAT point… and I was constantly texting friends, that I was debating leaping out of the window, because I was driven to the opoint of doing that than carry on writing. I wasn’t suicidal in the slightest; it was hitting THAT point in the story, and I was really itching to leap out of the window, whether it was opened or closed, and regardless of being on the first floor or not. It was so, so tempting… Because it would be more satisfying than carrying on, and continuing what felt like an utter farce of a story. I got lots of amusement from my little rants.

I thought I would share this, because I wanted a little smile from you all, and a nod. And relief that it isn’t simply you! We all have that point, and we all get to a point where it feels impossible, it seems ridiculous, and it seems wiser to go live in a cave, go sing opera… well, anything than trying to finish what is mocking you on the screen. So… Keep with it all! I know it is tough, and I know some of you have been really struggling. But keep at it! And then, one day, *you’ll* have your fun little story to tell!

Hope you are all well!


Just adding it has brought a smile to my face. I’d forgotten what I had exactly written, and I can remember it so, so well… that desire to leap out of the window. Suffice it to say, the window is still intact. I’ve also felt that sensation – much more mildly- when putting together outlines. At least, the one I did in April, I did. I plan to write that as a novel in November, so I might end up finishing it in hospital, having surrendered to the impulse leap out of the window…

Though I figure that amused text replies from friends might keep that from happening.


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