Crafting A New Outline, Preparing For July…

Currently having internet problems at home, so am restricted in what I can do. But it should be sorted out next week.

In the meantime, I’ve been slowly crafting and building a new outline for a story. It has been bugging me for years. The idea (this time) coming from a novel I read, and thought ‘that was good… but I’m sure it could be done better if done in this way…’ So now I am doing just that.

The story will be following a girl who is insecure and uncertain of herself. Understanderble, given she is the daughter of the Grim Reaper… and has necromantic powers of her own, such as seeing and intereacting with ghosts. Not only that, but she is at a private school in London, as the command of the Norns. And as term starts, murders start happening, scarily like those of Jack the Ripper…

So expect me to put up some thoughts and ideas up on this one, as I hone and develop it.

As for July, I’m gearing up for it. I’m looking forwards to seeing complete – at long last – the story The Nightmare Child. I started it in April 2014, and whilst is complete in outline form, it isn’t complete as a story. This is set at the same school I used in The Thorns Of Lovecraft, Miskatonic Academy. In fact, it is set a few years before the events of the school, explornig the place before the terrible events of that novel happen.

Sorry this isn’t a big post, but I thought I should do something, to let people know I’m not dead, or given up on this blog.


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