Explaining Write-Ins…

Now that the latest Camp NaNoWriMo is under way, I thought I would try to explain what a Word Sprint is. It might sound corny, it might sound like it is for advanced writers only… but really, it isn’t.

A word sprint is a period of twenty minutes, where you do nothing but write. That’s it! You just sit down, and when an agreed upon time starts, you then go and write away. You don’t stop to edit, you don’t stop to correct spelling or grammar mistakes – that comes later. Right now, you just go and write.

Then you give yourself a break of ten to twenty minutes, and then you do the whole process again.

Of course, this works best if you have at least one other person with you, but you can do it on your own. You can also do it anywhere: at home, travelling to work, in a café, at the library… All you need is a way to keep the time, and a way to write stuff down.

If you are doing a word sprint on the way to work, you might only have a mobile phone handy. Well, if it is just a smart phone, with no bluetooth keyboard attached, (and yes, that is perfectly possible to do with more up-to-date versions of Android phones…) then you will inevitably be writing less. But it doesn’t matter a bit. As long as you get writing, get words written down – and saved what you’ve done – that is all that matters.

Hopefully, I have helped to explain what a word sprint is, and have inspired you to have a few of your own. Try it… you might find you’ve written a novel without realising it!


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