The Nightmare Child Returns…

Well, I’m trying to sneak in a blog post whilst there is a few moments to do so. Later on, there will be more word sprinting, and more scenes created in the cabin.

The cabin is much smaller this time around, but that doesn’t matter: Everyone is gelling together really well, and it is amazingly productive. A pleasant difference to April, which was wildly different. I’ll no doubt recall those events at some point.

So… what am I writing about this time around? Well, it is an effort to go and get a project finished. I have too many of them littering my hard drives, so it is a key task to get some done and dusted. So, this month, I am working on a short story from April 2014, for that particular Camp NaNoWriMo. That time, there was a collection of short stories planned, though for various reasons, i only completed two, and got quite a way into a third.

The Nightmare Child is turning into something of an oddity, in my view. It was conceived as a short story, but it is now over 17,995 words, with no sign of getting to the end as yet. So, it is likely to be a short novel, once it is all done. This means I will have to rethink the whole concept of the collection, but I am certain it will turn out for the best in the end.

So, what is this story about? Well, it is set a few years before the events of my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel, The Thorns Of Lovecraft. It was a way to show how things came to be by the time the novel occurred. I also had a request from someone who had read it to explain a small clique of girls that have brief appearances in the novel. So, this one is following the arrival at the school of Chloe Taylor-Philips, a girl who is used to being at the top of the pile, and the Alpha Princess, so to speak. But when she starts Miskatonic Academy, things change immediately for her. Now, she is either ignored, or picked on. She is the target of  a number of pranks, all of which affect her social standing.

What makes matters worse for her is that she starts to see the shadows move, and then other things begin to happen…

So, how do I feel about returning to this project? Well, it is interesting to do. I am still working on getting back into the flow of the story, but I can safely say that it is now easier to get into every session. The time away may well have helped me; I have developed the whole universe this resides in since I started that story, so I have some additional ideas I can place into it. I also have ideas as to what themes i want to try and add to the story; obsession and fear being among them. All of this to go and set things up for The Thorns Of Lovecraft.

Time will tell, though, if I can get this story finished… I rather hope so. It is a wonderfully atmospheric story in places, and certainly deserves to be completely written.


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