Reflecting On July 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo…

I feel quite guilty and embarrassed at not having made a post sooner. It makes me feel bad, though last month was something that… well, I’ll get into that in a little bit. But the thing is, I’ve been busy, trying to get life to resurface at my forum, not to mention getting on with posting on other forums, and getting back into circulation, so to speak.

As for last month… it was a curious, strange, but exciting time. In the end, there were four of us in the cabin, and it was a friendly, productive environment. We all got past out word targets, so that was really pleasing to see. Not so much because it makes the cabin look good, but the fact is, we all look good; we helped each other out, and contributed.

But for me… what do I feel? How did it go, from my perspective?

Well, I feel that this was very much a mixed bag for me. Certainly, I managed to get past the 10K target, but I didn’t finish the project. in fact, I have had to abandon it, because it needs a lot of restructuring, and remapping. Things you can’t do during a writing challenge. So, I went and started another project, just to try and fill the time. Of course, that has now become a fuller story than I was thinking of. thus I have managed to fail at reducing my writing pile; rather, it has increased. Full facepalms all round…

That said, I did sit down and start using software to map out the Thorns Of Lovecraft mythos time-line. This was a helpful exercise, if only to prevent an oversight from getting through into final print, and making a huge embarrassment for myself. I plan to touch on that at some point, because I feel that is a topic in its own right.

Another interesting development was the discovery of me being able to be far more portable than I first thought. Granted, i have the Netbook, but with a messed up keyboard, (the function key has gone haywire,) I have to have a full keyboard with me. Then you need a mouse, and you want the power supply as well, right? So in the end, you are carting around a small array of items and pieces, taking up space, and adding weight. So, not a really helpful option for me.

So what is the answer?

Believe it or not, it is quite simple indeed. Smart phone running Android, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a charger as a precaution. That’s it! There is WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft) available free, so you can get working a lot more readily than you think. It means that I now type first thing, before the start of work, and also after work, in the library. But I can also work elsewhere – and do. There is a cafe in town that does a nice iced lemonade. Just the ticket for writing the latest story that is stuck in my head.

So, whilst it isn’t finished, I can see this story betting done over August. Expect me to mention it, as the project progresses.


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