Am I Resting On My Laurels?

I have been wondering about this years NaNoWriMo. I have a game plan, I know what I am doing… So, what do I need to do?

Well, it would seem panic.

I just went to turn on my laptop, and it turns on… but there is no charging of the battery. And I have a lot of items on there…

Now, I know it might seem melodramatic, but I already had one laptop die on me. So, I am rather nervous of technology dying on me at present. That said, I plan to buy brand new this time, to get around the whole business of second-hand lifespan issues. I doubt I can be blamed on this.

It does mean that the plan I had – go and look at the locations I plan to describe in London – cannot now go ahead. I can’t guarantee me being able to finance it, not when I am getting a brand new computer.

In the meantime, I will be using my phone a lot more. As point of interest, I am writing this blog post on my phone using the phone/Bluetooth keyboard combination I have described in the past. I also feel a strange liberation; I have a feeling I will be doing more writing, and less procrastinating for the time being. Who knows… I might even get through the large pile of books that need to be read.

I plan to still do NaNoWriMo, and will get the outline from the online back-up if I need to. What I know is I am now in interesting times…


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