Preparing For NaNoWriMo 2015, Part Three

Well, it is nearly here. And I’m dreading it.

As those who have followed will recall, I made the mistake of thinking “Everything is ready… what can go wrong now?” Well, i ended up with the netbook going mental, and I had weeks of having to use my phone as a laptop. All old news.

But the problem lies in the fact that I had realised that there was more to do. Details on locations, fleshing out the characters some more, pinning down the time-line, and placing it in relation to the greater mythos… and my notes were trapped in a cyber-limbo.

Face-palms all round…

So, the moment I could, I got myself a replacement. That in itself is in some ways not as good as the original… but at least I can attach a monitor to it, which is helpful. As is my having a phone with a large enough storage capacity to use as a glorified USB stick. Tens of gigabytes of data was transferred, and I am still sorting things out. But now, I am slowly getting to put together the information… and with NaNo about to start, I can see me having to add information as I go along. Not the most helpful of situations.

But at least I have a chance of operating, and I still have the crazy plan to get the first draft finished within a week, then spend the rest of the month editing and polishing it. This is more to have a finished item, and not something waiting to be completed: there is more than enough of that on that pile. So an item done, dusted and completed would be a wonderful thing indeed.

What is also a fair bit nerve-wracking is the fact that I am now hosting Write-Ins in my town, not a idea I had in the first place. I expect it to be a simple affair, and all low-key: a few people meeting up, and doing Word Sprints. I also have had the idea of myself and friends having an all day session in the local library… which has now been added to the calendar. Thus a lesson of learning precisely what to say, and when. But there is potential advantage for a small group to emerge, and gel in my town, and that would be wonderful. And who knows? It might just carry on through all year round.

So, there is still lots to do, but lots to anticipate. And I am back at the literary precipice, preparing for the plunge…


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