Rest In Peace Slate, Part Two

Oh the irony…

Back in September, I had talked about role-play characters, and how they could be used in my writing projects. I had also said the following:

I also intend to use Melissandre, my half Fae sorceress as well. I have a way to jump universes, and plan to use her in some way in a future story.

Of course, I had been thinking about characters, because a friend had posted the death of his character on Facebook. But at the time, I wasn’t aware of what was to come…

Basically, I now have Mellisandre being unplayable. That is because she has since had an adventure where she ended up a werewolf, and then she and the other characters had to find a cure, before the next full moon. I had ignored the fact that you had half-elves and half-Fae being inflicted, even though I was seriously wondering about the validity of the adventure. It was on the way home I realised that I had played the final adventure with her.

The curse had been given by the god Apollo.

This is significant, because she had ancestral curses, powerful demonic tainting of her bloodline. This is why she was part human in the first place: an ancestor – a member of the Unseelie Court – had made bargains with demons, and had been expelled. They then had to live as a human, a curse placed upon them, and future generations, to bind and seal the pact, to stop it manifesting.

This binding had already been destroyed, in an adventure years ago. Because I couldn’t have my character evil and demoniacally powered (even though I had given the detailed background beforehand,) I had to find a way to have her “rebound,” so to speak. Thus, I had her pantheon of gods give her the ability to Planeswalk, in short travel to other universes. Their plan worked, and she ended up on the world of Innistrad, where the Archangel Avacyn had enacted the Cursemute upon her. The Cursemute had also ended the curse of the werewolves on that world, turning them into a wolf-human hybrid, the Wolfrir. And so, for a couple of years, all was good, because I had found the perfect solution.

Until she ended up a blasted Werewolf.

The problem is, I now have a negated binding, and am back to Square One. But it is worse than that… How do you come up with something more powerful than the Cursemute? And what happens when it is undone again?

So, I have found a way to solve the problem, but the character cannot be played ever again. I can’t go through another session of working out how to make her playable again. The advantage is that she can end up in my stories, and I can still have fun with her…

But not as a Werewolf, I can assure you.


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