The Writing Program Interrogation…

As people know, I use an old, basic writing program, to keep track of things. One nice thing about it is that asks questions, and these are great to mull over for your story.

I’ve been collating them over time, and creating a list of them. I’m putting up the list, to hopefully help other people:

  • Is it ever too easy for your protagonist to get out of trouble?
  • Does anything in the story make the reader work too hard?
  • Does your story tell the reader too much?
  • Are all your story’s important questions answered? Are the answers delayed as long as possible?
  • Does the story leave any important loose ends?
  • If your story is a first-person narration, does the narrator’s voice seem real?
  • Are your protagonist?s or narrator’s motives clear enough? Leave some dots for the reader to connect, but not major ones.
  • Is all the dialogue in your story grammatically correct? If it is, perhaps you should change it to make it more realistic.
  • Does your opening line grab the reader’s attention?
  • Make sure your story begins with a gripping first page. If it doesn’t, change it.
  • Does your story have flashbacks?  If the flashbacks do not serve important plot purposes, then rewrite them or get rid of them.
  • Is the ending to your story genuinely likely or possible?
  • Is your narrator’s voice consistent?

I can see me work on some blog posts on these, and try to expand them with my thoughts on the matter. Still, it serves a useful reference point for people, so I’m happy to share it.


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