They Think It Is All Over…

Firstly, apologies for not having been around for some time. I have had a few trying months, and I had to move home at the end of last year, the circumstances being rather difficult. Things are more settled, at least for the time being. I’ve been trying to regain my energy, as I’ve been spreading myself rather thin in recent times. Sadly, it has meant letting this blog grow dormant. I hope to rectify this, step by step.

However, it does not mean I have been completely idle. I have still been writing, and have been making some progress. Once the current novel is finished, I intend to take a lot of written material, including said novel, and create five or so books from it. This will be a work in progress, as I need to take the time to detail everything. One complication is the fact I have had to change computers, which I will have to explain at some point. Happily, I have now installed Scriviner on my new machine, and worked out where the serial key is. So, I can now – at last – access my databases again.

While i am taking the time to finish one project, and conduct a massive editing session, I still need to work out what I am going to write in November, for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I am already thinking about my project for 2017’s National Novel Writing Month Challenge. IU have some ideas, but need to focus on what I want to exactly do. It might be a whole new project, so then I am not restricted by existing chronology and such.

I will try to produce an update, when I have come up with an answer to this.

Also, thank you all for your patience in my absence. I intend to start posting more regularly.


I’m Still Alive…

I know it has been some time since I last made a blog post. Well, there were reasons for that. I had a bad time with the NaNoWriMo 2015, though I did get the fifty thousand words done. Afterwards, I had a mental flop, of sorts. I’ve done very little, and I suspect that I had burned out mentally.

In the end, I sort of had a meltdown, of sorts, and stopped writing and working on all of my projects. It is only now I am trying to get back to writing, and finishing that November Novel, because I am curious to see what it is like finished.

Another change is the fact I have now started attending a local writing  group, which is now brining in some changes as well. I feel it is a good thing, because it is introducing a different dynamic and focus to my writing.

I will look at posting up some of the recent writings, to try and showcase what I have been attempting, and to see if anyone is interested in such posts. I am still trying to work out how to best use this resource, and what those who read the posts want to see.

All I know is that I am now planning to use some of the David Bowie music videos in upcoming writing, because Blackstar is utterly creepy. And if I can combine a rainbow somehow, I can then hand it in as the writing group’s homework…

I wonder if I can include Alan Rickman in somehow, and maybe Back To The Future? Additional challenges for myself, I suspect…

Preparing For NaNoWriMo 2015, Part Three

Well, it is nearly here. And I’m dreading it.

As those who have followed will recall, I made the mistake of thinking “Everything is ready… what can go wrong now?” Well, i ended up with the netbook going mental, and I had weeks of having to use my phone as a laptop. All old news.

But the problem lies in the fact that I had realised that there was more to do. Details on locations, fleshing out the characters some more, pinning down the time-line, and placing it in relation to the greater mythos… and my notes were trapped in a cyber-limbo.

Face-palms all round…

So, the moment I could, I got myself a replacement. That in itself is in some ways not as good as the original… but at least I can attach a monitor to it, which is helpful. As is my having a phone with a large enough storage capacity to use as a glorified USB stick. Tens of gigabytes of data was transferred, and I am still sorting things out. But now, I am slowly getting to put together the information… and with NaNo about to start, I can see me having to add information as I go along. Not the most helpful of situations.

But at least I have a chance of operating, and I still have the crazy plan to get the first draft finished within a week, then spend the rest of the month editing and polishing it. This is more to have a finished item, and not something waiting to be completed: there is more than enough of that on that pile. So an item done, dusted and completed would be a wonderful thing indeed.

What is also a fair bit nerve-wracking is the fact that I am now hosting Write-Ins in my town, not a idea I had in the first place. I expect it to be a simple affair, and all low-key: a few people meeting up, and doing Word Sprints. I also have had the idea of myself and friends having an all day session in the local library… which has now been added to the calendar. Thus a lesson of learning precisely what to say, and when. But there is potential advantage for a small group to emerge, and gel in my town, and that would be wonderful. And who knows? It might just carry on through all year round.

So, there is still lots to do, but lots to anticipate. And I am back at the literary precipice, preparing for the plunge…

Preparing For NaNoWriMo, Part Two

I have to confess that I’m finding the lack of a computer rather annoying. I think by the end of this post, it will becme clear why.

The problem is that, despite having an outline ready to go, I have realised I want to delve into the characters and setting a lot more than I have. Of course, that is easy to do, because I have all manner of notes and details stored in a writing program, to track the entire mythos I have been creating.

As I have already said in a previous post, my netbook has effectively died on me, and I can’t access the contents until i have a new computer ready to go. So, I cannot access that information. Happily, the outline was saved to my phone, so I can  write away still.

So, how can I circumvent the problem?

My solution is a novel one, to say the least. I have started creating word processor files on my phone, one per topic. This way, I can keep going, and get more details of locations and characters donw, whilst I am waiting ptiently until I can manage to get a new computer. This is far from an ideal solution, but it will have to suffice for the time being.

Of course, it has gotten me to contemplate getting hold of Scrivener, as a way to update the software I currently have. It was made in 2004, so is antiquated in software terms. But do I go and risk causing massive upset for myself by  getting a new program, then transferring all the information over to it? Thus, the Great Scrivener Debate rages on, at least in my head.

One other idea I have had is to join the NaNo London Forum. It is perfectly possible to join more than one region, though only one region will be your home region. I’m on there, because i know I will end up with questions about London that only locals can answer. Or at least, people who have lived there a while will know the answer to. And I am needing this increasingly so: there will be at least one other story set in London. I say this because the July Camp project I have talked about is still slowly being written. And it is becoming clear that a good part of it will be set in London as well.

Add to this the fact that I have two friends looking at doing NaNo this year as well. So, part of the preparation for me is to psyche myself up, because I am going to need to know their availability and such forth. I also plan to get write-ins done, using the Internet to do just that. I also intend to run an all day writing session on a Saturday in November, where we invade the local Library, and then start doing numerous word sprints, then go to lunch somewhere, then back to the Library to forge ahead some more. All good stuff, if it pulls off.

And that leads to another NaNo aspect, which is somewhat magnified this year: that of the nerves and the worming fears. Yes, that little voice of burrowing doubt is creeping back, saying the usual things… I’m not really good at writing, it is all pointless, I’m an imposter. The usual affair that happens. I know I am far from alone in this, which is comforting, to say the least.

So, November is edging closer now, and despite the nerves, despite the fears and doubts, the trials and tribulations, I have just one thing to say about it all now.

Bring. It. On.

Am I Resting On My Laurels?

I have been wondering about this years NaNoWriMo. I have a game plan, I know what I am doing… So, what do I need to do?

Well, it would seem panic.

I just went to turn on my laptop, and it turns on… but there is no charging of the battery. And I have a lot of items on there…

Now, I know it might seem melodramatic, but I already had one laptop die on me. So, I am rather nervous of technology dying on me at present. That said, I plan to buy brand new this time, to get around the whole business of second-hand lifespan issues. I doubt I can be blamed on this.

It does mean that the plan I had – go and look at the locations I plan to describe in London – cannot now go ahead. I can’t guarantee me being able to finance it, not when I am getting a brand new computer.

In the meantime, I will be using my phone a lot more. As point of interest, I am writing this blog post on my phone using the phone/Bluetooth keyboard combination I have described in the past. I also feel a strange liberation; I have a feeling I will be doing more writing, and less procrastinating for the time being. Who knows… I might even get through the large pile of books that need to be read.

I plan to still do NaNoWriMo, and will get the outline from the online back-up if I need to. What I know is I am now in interesting times…